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The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is an ideal area for strolling, hiking, or trekking.

You will cross rice fields, rivers, hills, primary forest, small villages...

Witness how, local way of life adapted to the assets of modernity (Motorcycles, telephones, internet ...) while preserving an almost “primitive” traditional way of life almost: The inhabitants select and harvest the wood with which they will build their house, they raise their animals, harvest their fruits and vegetables, weave and embroider their traditional clothes ... A way of life at the limit of the self-sufficiency in a region with unfathomable beauty.

There are two period that are particularly favorable to trek in Pu Luong :

  • The first one would be between March and July. There are two reasons: the climate, which at the beginning of this period is mild and pleasant; and the rice fields, which from April will offer you a sublime show with an apple green standing out against the sky and the karst reliefs in the distance.
  • The second period would be between September and late October, when the rice matures (Yellow) and is harvested. The climate is also very pleasant at this time of the year.

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